Emotional states are the vignettes or stories we play out in our lives before and after we get a disease. What's Your Story?

Read an emotional state chosen at random or new writing available in Healer Wisdom
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The right eye has to do with being able to plan future events...future vision.
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Why choose Healer Wisdom

  • Healer Wisdom is dynamic. Valeria continually writes new material.
  • For Healing Arts Practitioner it gives a direction for working with clients.
  • Each disease or aspect can have multiple emotional states and additional information.
  • Healer Wisdom is a work of love

What clients say

  • Valeria's work is amazing. The Emotional States focus the clients' work.
    S.S., Energy Psychologist
  • Really well done! BRAVO! I find it more complete than others.
    J.L., Healing Arts Practitioner